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Byloapp / DEALS & OFFERS

Byloapp is going to provide customers of the businesses with a live deals and offer platform on Android & iOS. Curated deals and offers will directly come from their favorite outlets that are absolutely live, active and free to redeem. Claim these deals & offers for free and save hundreds.

The platform will focus on sourcing live deals & offers from multiple categories like food, fitness, clothing, entertainment, fashion, salon & spa, education and many more. The customers can directly engage with the businesses around them via deals & offers cards and online chat.


Byloapp is also going to provide one separate mobile application to the merchants across to Android & iOS mobile phones. This merchant app is a simple handy tool required by every small and medium hyper-local business to engage with the customers around them resulting in increased product & service visibility.

The business app will enable merchants to stop paying heavy commissions just to spread out the word of their business in order to accelerate their revenue.

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In this digital era, millions of customers are sitting online and still unable to find businesses online not even the local ones. We have simplified this process by surveying hundreds of merchants from various categories and took their business online.

It takes one click and 40 seconds to let us know that your business is still offline and willing to become "aatm nirbhar [self reliant]". Our experts will get in touch with your and gift you with a digital asset.

Byloapp / Services

Are you Looking for hyperlocal experts to build your


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Byloapp / Platform

Customers will soon be able to explore the hyperlocal market in a fun way with Byloapp which is a hyperlocal deal aggregation platform where customers will be able to surf through amazing live deals and offers of various categories from the merchants nearby.

Byloapp is launching a platform which will enable merchants to connect to their customers directly and brand themselves online in their hyperlocal market. Merchants on the Byloapp platform will can post live deals and offers for the customers by themselves without any hassle. Deals will be run in the hyperlocal market for the nearby customers to see.

While the app is brewing, get your deals by byloapp on whatsapp!