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We build digital. We create B2C bridges. We are WOW.

Byloapp is powered by WOWIT Technologies Pvt. Ltd which is a service and product engineering company having it's base in Indore, Surat and London. We are a team of marketing and technological accelerators working towards a single goal of helping any mom & pop shop, micro, small and medium merchants with a suite of our marketing services and mobile app based solutions.

What is Byloapp

A venture of WOWIT Technologies, India. And the term Bylo is coined by the merchants, for the merchants and to the merchants. And the services of Bylo is born out of our own frustration of not being able to find, explore and buy from the local merchants around us due to lack of digital awareness between businesses and customers in the market.

Byloapp is ASAT! If a business is in the market then the customer should know about it. If a customer is out in the market then the business should engage them - "as simple as that."



The mission is to digitize one business at a time and the vision is to make a digital economy network of millions of merchants serving billions of customers contributing trillions in the global economy.

On the way to crossing our first 500 digitized businesses and moving towards creating an automated one-stop 360 o marketing solutions and customer engagement company for any business, MADE IN LOCAL!

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It is FREE to become a part of our Wall Of Digitization!

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