Top 8 Christmas Shopping Destinations in India | 2021

Top 8 Christmas Shopping Destinations in India | 2021

NO! We aren’t going to start this blog with the typical introduction. We won’t be mentioning about the post-pandemic shopping, or local shops that need help, or any other melodramatic content. This blog is straight away going to let you know about the best shopping destinations in India. These places will help you find the perfect outfit for Christmas eve and Christmas day as well. Feel warm, bright, & lightened up with your favorite wall hangings, dress, shirts, sweaters, hoodies, or artificial flowers, Christmas trees, LED lights or whatever you want during this festival.

While it may be enticing to take the easy way out and place a large order online, there are several reasons to avoid doing so — incorrect size, wrong hues, bad quality, unavailability of that specific piece and let’s not forget about the local, domestic goods. They are mostly better and cheaper than imported and international products. So, don’t waste any of your valuable holiday time on shopping, as Byloapp has already done the legwork for you. We have compiled a list of authentic and unique shopping havens across India.

Most Unique And Affordable Shopping Places for Christmas

1. Colaba – Island in Mumbai, Maharashtra,

The Colaba Causeway is known for its low-cost products. But during the month of December, this area hosts a new market with stalls selling everything. From vintage items to fancy décor items, they have everything which you would need during Christmas. In the stores, you can also discover some beautiful vintage pocket watches, wall hangings, artificial flowers, disco lights, fairy lights, etc. Whether you’re looking for ornaments for your tree or a wreath, you’ll find everything you need here. The market also has a lot of food stalls like that of Vada pav, Sandwiches, Pani-Puri, and spicy Chaats. So, do visit Colaba if you are nearby or in Mumbai. We would recommend that you go during the lunch hour, to get the best shopping experience. Go get the best piece & shop in peace!

2. Khan Market – Market in New Delhi,

Khan Market is one of our preferred shopping destinations during the Christmas season, because all of the stores are decked out in joyful colors, and Lodhi gardens is one of the favorite places to stop by, near this market. They have stock of everything from pine cone candle holders to musical instruments, red capes, stuffed toys, accessories, disco balls, and other shimmery tidbits. These all can be used for Christmas tree decorations. Khan market is one of the few places in the city which sells a Christmas tree, so you must visit here as soon as possible.

3. Hill Road – Bandra’s hippest shopping street, Mumbai

During the Christmas season, this street in Bandra is illuminated and flanked by innumerable stalls and stores. They sell everything, from Christmas tree ornaments and candles to garlands and lanterns. This is the location that transforms into a miniature Christmas village, and you’ll adore the vibrant atmosphere here. Bandra has a substantial East-Indian inhabitants, and the entire region is lit up during the Christmas season. Hill Road should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Mumbai for Christmas shopping.

4. German Embassy Christmas Market – New Delhi

The German Christmas Market has become known over the years for its delectable German cuisine, Santa Claus, and a wide variety of gift offerings like bags, flower vases, scented candles, garlands, wreathe, snow globes, etc. at the shops. Every year, people from all walks of life come to enjoy the festive atmosphere of this Christmas Market. It  has everything trendy and amazing, and should be the first place on your roster if you want to experience the best festive vibes in Delhi. So, if you are in New Delhi or nearby, do visit the shops in this authentic market.

5. MohanJodero – Handicraft exporter in Rohini, Delhi

If you want to celebrate this year’s Christmas in style, you could do that in the MohenJo daro itself, since they have everything you may need for the occasion like bells, reindeer, candles, candy canes, garland, etc. Are you throwing a house party? They have gold and red cutlery, as well as beams with Xmas trees printed on them. Do you want to get dressed up? Reindeer accessories and red tassel boas are available to make you look your best!

6. Manu Market – Manali Shipping Market

Old Manali Village will appeal to you not only for its rural charm, as well as for its idyllic and well-attended market. Manu Market, amongst the most popular markets, has something for everyone. The shops pride themselves on offering unique Christmas decorative items like antique wall clocks, lamps, wall arts, wreaths, snow globes, and angels, knickknacks, as well as carnations, Santa toys, tree decoration items, and primarily everything Christmas related. You must visit here and bring Christmas home in all its splendor.

7. Burra Bazar Christmas Market – Christmas Decoration manufacturers in Kolkata india,

This market is a sanctuary for anyone who enjoys adorning their home with lovely decor items. You’ll find a plethora of stores here, selling the best Christmas decorations and related accessory items at rock-bottom prices. There’s really nothing you won’t be finding at this buzzing wholesale market, from Santa suits, lamps, and castanets to small Christmas trees, bells and whistles, and wall hangings.

8. Sunday Soul Sante – Bangalore

India’s most-loved flea market of fun, food, and music that supports Indian art, craft and Design.

Sunday Soul Sante has now become an annual tradition in Bangalore’s Christmas calendar, featuring the delicious cuisines, the most intriguing shopping stalls, and events for kids and adults, including furry friends. It’s known for its international collection of aesthetic and vintage products, as well as food courts and a focal stage with musical performances. You can find various decoration items like ribbons, poinsettias, Christmas tree ornaments, garlands, fairy lights, tree topper, string lights, disco balls, etc. Find everything you need for Christmas under one roof, in Bangalore.

We hope we were able to help you out and reduce your legwork and brain-work, and answered all your question relating to places to go shop for Christmas. Discover more such places where you can find your favorite wall hanging, art pieces, clothes, statues, lamps, and many more products from homegrown brands and local stores. is giving a complete Marketplace suite to their members of the community.

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