How Bylo Social Media App Can Help in Business Growth

How Social Media App Can Help A Business

Bylo is one of the most popular social media apps. It is a social media platform that can help you serve as a valuable business tool to grow your brand. You can create a business account on Bylo by first creating a personal account and then converting it. To get the most out of Bylo use high-quality photos, use hashtags, and reply to the comments on the post. It is not too late to join Bylo and help your business become successful. We have brought you some tips on how can Bylo social media can help your business grow.

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Bylo
Tips To Get The Most Out Of Bylo

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Bylo Social Media App

Bio – This section refers to the biography of your business. Businesses can use this feature to include a call to action.

Direct Messages (DMs) – Businesses can directly communicate to their customers through direct messages.

Filters – This feature helps you to enhance your products which can help your customers to buy your product.

Follow – This feature will help you to see the content on the profile of the people you follow.

Followers – Followers are the people who can see your content on your profile. You can interact with your customers more so that they follow you. This will help your business with more engagement.

Bylo Handle – Your handle is your username. To mention a particular user you need to mention their username starting with @.

Bylo Stories – Stories are one of the most unique and popular features of our social media. You can upload a photo or video to your story which will last for 24 hrs.

Tag – This feature will help you to tag one or multiple people in a photo or video. Use @ symbol to tag someone in stories or posts.

Group – Bylo social media can also help you to create groups that can include your customers or the people in your business. These groups will help you to interact better with your audience.

How To Use Bylo Social Media To Make Your Business Grow
How To Use Bylo Social Media To Make Your Business Grow

How To Use Bylo Social Media To Make Your Business Grow

1. Add a Professional Profile Picture or Your Brand Logo

Bylo is a photo-sharing social media and that can also help your business grow if used properly. To make your business profile look professional choose a formal picture of yourself to put on your profile or use your brand logo which will also help your customers to recognize your brand.

2. Use Bylo Stories

Bylo Stories is one of the most popular features of our social media. Bylo offers many tools that can make it easy to create engaging and creative stories. Through Bylo stories, you can post videos, photos, and boomerangs. You can also use stickers and GIFs to enhance your stories. There are many options available such as AMA, and Poll which also help you to engage with your customers.

3. Interact with other Bylo users and customers

As a business, it is important for you to engage and interact with your customers on your social media.

Like – Liking is a simple way to interact with your customers and gain engagement.

Comment – This feature will help you to type your thoughts and reply to the comments of your customers. This is also a popular way to engage with your customers.

Mention – You can use @ to mention one of your customers in comments or even in your stories.

Tag – Bylo allows you to tag people in posts and stories.

4. Use hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to help your customers find your content and products. Hashtags can include both letters and numbers. If your business uses relevant keywords which suit your brand then it is a highly effective way to get noticed. Make sure you are using the right hashtags for your brand.

5. Advertise on Bylo Social Media App

Like on other social media apps, businesses also have the option to advertise or run ads on Bylo social media app. Bylo offers three formats to advertise.

Photo Ad – These look like normal photos, the only difference is that they have a Sponsored label above the photo.

Video Ad – Likewise photo ads, Video ads are also normal videos with a sponsored label above them.

Carousel Ad – Carousel ads are identical to photo ads but with multiple photos that the customer or user can swipe through.

6. List your Business

Businesses can list themselves in the hyperlocal search engine. This will allow them to make a network with their customers.

7. Create Product Catalogue

Businesses can also create a product catalog that will help them to list their products. Their customers will be able to order the business’s product from the catalog section.

8. Live Deals & Offers

Businesses who have listed their page on Bylo can create live deals and offers for the potential customers who are nearby to their store or outlet. This will help encourage customers to visit the store and buy their products.

9. Hire people for jobs

Businesses can also list job openings for the people in their locality. This feature will benefit both businesses and people who are looking for jobs in their area.


Summing up, these were some of the ways you can use the Bylo social media app to grow your business socially. Keep these things in mind and no one can stop your business to grow.

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