7 Influencing Skills And Why They Are Important

Influencing Skills And Why They Are Important

Having influencing skills and using them in your workplace can aid in your success by helping you be an outstanding leader and accomplish business goals. Building these skills can help you persuade and encourage colleagues to support your ideas and goals.

What are Influencing Skills?

Influencing skills are the ability to encourage and persuade others to adopt your thoughts and ideas. These skills are beneficial for leaders to motivate people and make their team more productive.

Common Skills That Contribute To Being Influential

Common Skills That Contribute To Being Influential

1. Communication

Communication skill involves nonverbal, verbal, and listening skills to interact with others to share and exchange thoughts. Being able to communicate effectively is essential for influencing them. It’s important to speak clearly about your goals and ideas so you can convince others about your viewpoint and achieve your desired results.

2. Leadership

Leadership skill is the ability to hold power, position, and guide others towards accomplishing a goal. These skills can help you earn an authoritative role which can increase your opportunities to influence others. Being in charge is not a requirement for influencing them but being a good leader helps put your thoughts into action.

3. Negotiation

Negotiation is also one of the influencing skills which is the ability to compromise with others and achieve a conclusion that is favorable for both the parties. These skills are important for influencing others so that they can accept your way of thinking because you can compromise some ideas in order to achieve your team’s support.

4. Persuasion

Persuasion is an influencing skill which is the ability to convince others to agree with you. You can use this skill to reduce conflict and encourage others to listen to you.

5. Problem-solving

Problem-solving is the ability to identify problems and create solutions. It is important to be good at influencing others to consider and accept your idea if you have a solution to a problem that you would like to share.

6. Self-confidence

Self-confidence means believing in yourself and accepting who you are. Showing self-confidence encourages others to want to be like you and listen to you. It basically helps to exclude a certain sense of expertise that allows people to follow and trust you.

7. Time management

This influencing skill means accomplishing tasks at the right time and being organized in your workspace. Time management skills can generally increase your ability to strategize and plan.

Why Influencing Skills Are Important?

Why Influencing Skills Are Important?

1. Gain Trust

Gaining the trust of people in your workplace and your colleagues puts you in a better position to influence them. The ways to gain trust are, to be honest, be dependable, and trust others.

2. Network

Networking basically refers to meeting new people in the industry and building long relationships. Moreover, a good professional network can increase your credibility which encourages others to listen to you. You can likely attend networking events to gain these influencing skills.

3. Give constructive feedback

Giving constructive feedback to the people around you and your colleagues shows that you are committed to being helpful and shows others that you have good ideas. Accepting criticism is also a way of giving and getting constructive feedback. Getting feedback is important for both personal and company growth.


Summing up, these were some of the influencing skills that are important in our daily and workplace life. These skills are also helpful in building valuable relationships with your colleagues to understand them and their goals better.

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