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Keshmax Ayurvedic Hair Oil

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Keshmax Ayurvedic Hair Oil (Pack of 2)


Pureway Esolutions Pvt. Ltd.



Keshmax Ayurvedic Hair Oilnatural hair oil is the best product for hair growth. It is a herbal hair oil that is effective in promoting healthy hair growth and keeping the hair away from dryness. Keshmax Ayurvedic hair oil promotes hair growth by nourishing the follicles and it improves the hair. The hair oil works on the roots of the hair to make it naturally stronger.

Ayurvedic hair oils are known to promote hair growth and repair damaged and dry hair. It is also known to be beneficial for the scalp, which is why it is recommended to wash your hair before applying the oil. It is advised that the oil be applied to the ends of the hair to avoid clogging the hair follicles. This Ayurvedic hair oil is made using the finest high-quality herbs.