Neeraj Chopra Meeting Jan Zelezny & winning Gold and Silver in Javelin-crazy Finland

Neeraj Chopra Meeting Jan Zelezny & winning Gold and Silver in Javelin-crazy Finland

First’s Indian Olympic Gold Medalist in Athletics, Neeraj Chopra is now seamlessly breaking records in the Javelin throw tournaments.

By any stretch of the imagination, Chopra’s area of the woods was not Finland, at least not back then. Things would change after the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. Kids carrying spears to the village fields might be seen in Haryana’s dusty towns, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Chopra, like other pioneers, had no signs to guide him when he walked the less-traveled path. It was impossible for him to become addicted to a sport that had no relation to his remote village near Panipat. The smartphone would be useful.

Chopra’s cellphone data was regularly consumed by Jan Železný YouTube videos.

The 17-step pre-launch procedure of the Czech world record holder would become an obsession for the Khandra teen. The Železný’s run-up is regarded as a piece of art in the world of track and field. It’s a fascinating study of human motion for biomechanists dealing with elite athletes.

Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj Chopra has been on a spiritual quest these days, and he has been collecting shimmering trinkets along the way. He’s won a Silver and Gold Medal this week at Kuortane Games in Finland — following a national record-breaking 89.3 M throw and a second-place performance at the Paavo Nurmi Games, the defending Olympic gold medalist topped the podium at the Kuortane Games on Saturday.

He saw Jan Železný, the supreme divinity of the Javelin Throw, just a few months ago while training in Turkey. He is already in the news by breaking national records where spear-throwing is a national sport and wildly popular.

On Saturday, Olympic Gold medalist Neeraj Chopra won the javelin throw event at the Kuortane Games in Finland, defeating defending world champion Anderson Peters of Grenada for the second time in four days for his first top podium result of the season.

This Guy journey has just started and he has achieved a lot at this age and a lot more to come, Making your country proud is one of the biggest achievements of your whole life,

But Neeraj Chopra has proved that hard work determination and dedication can take you to any height in the world. 

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