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Unique Diwali Celebration at Workplace | Byloapp 2021

We all wait for Diwali to arrive all year, don’t we? May it be for going on a shopping spree, a vacation, or even our hometown, to spend the festival with our loved ones. But who said that Diwali can be celebrated only with family? We at Byloapp, believe that life becomes better when your friends & colleagues become your family. 

Yeh Diwali Bylo Wali

Diwali – India’s biggest and the most wonderful festival, has a significant impact on workplace festivities. Many businesses, brands or companies decorate their offices and provide delicacies as well as gifts to their employees. But, India’s only social media platform Byloapp, will surely blow your minds and leave no room for debate. Byloapp had the best Diwali celebration this year.
Starting with decorations, Rangoli making, lighting fancy LEDs, Laxmi Pooja, followed by amazing dance and singing performances by tribe members, with a delicious and assorted pot-luck, numerous fun activities, be it Dumb-charades, Mimicry acts and what not.

Breaking the stereotypes

It was definitely not like the typical, old school and cliché celebrations that you must be thinking of. The management had planned a cheerful Diwali celebration, from 10:30 AM on 2nd November, 2021. Although, the celebration was initially planned until 3 PM. But we Indians are never punctual when it comes to fun and enjoyable moments. So, it got extended until 5:00 pm, as no one wanted the party spirit and fun vibes to end. 

Fun with the ByloTribe

Byloapp has a very diverse and vibrant culture with its unique and beloved ByloTribe – the crew members. The crew was all dressed up in Indian traditional wear, in their go-to Kurtas, Suits, Shararas, decorated the office beautifully and exquisitely with diyas, placed all around the place, colorful Rangolis on the entrances, fairy lights around the office. Instead of planning a plain, boring decoration, the ByloTribe decorated the office with Diwali theme party decorations. They left no place looking dull or boring. And surely, it was a beautiful sight to behold for the eyes.

The celebration started with Mr. Rohit Verma, the founder and CEO of Byloapp performing the Laxmi Pooja, with all the employees gathered around together for one of the most sacred ceremonies during Diwali. Followed by the Laxmi Pooja, was the gifting ceremony, wherein every employee was given a special present with a few heartfelt words from the Big Boss. It was surely a heart-warming time to see the management giving personalized and customized gifts to ByloTribe as well. This showed their devotion and gratefulness towards everyone, bringing a big smile on everyone’s faces. 

Enough about the décor and not so important things!

Foodie Moments

Let’s come straight down to the best part of that day, which made the day even better. It is the delicious pot-luck, with innumerable cuisines and dishes, consisting of all the home made delicacies; Chinese and Italian dishes, Aloo-Chaat, Gujarati dishes, Chhole Bhature, Fried rice and even South Indian dishes! Perfectly paired with non-stop flow of soft drinks, the celebration was a foodie’s dream come true. 

Workplace Party & Awards

The day beautifully ended with graceful dance performances on groovy Bollywood songs. Followed by heartful jokes, banters, and Karaoke, wherein everybody from the Interns to the Big Boss participated with full passion and zeal.
Afterwards, The Best Employers of the Month were awarded as well; to acknowledge and encourage the employees for their hard work and dedication.

Needless to say, it was the perfect celebration which helped everyone in unwinding and having fun in the buzz. The day had everything, from religious activities to memorable ones, a wide array of delicious food delicacies, perfect decoration, a lot of selfies, photographs, groovy music, and a lot more, making everybody’s Diwali a HAPPY ONE!

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