Unique Ways to Spend Mothers Day that your Mom Will Love

Unique Ways to Spend Mother's Day that your Mom Will Love

Mothers Day is just around the corner and we’re excited to brainstorm some unique ways to spend Mothers Day. The mothers in our lives deserve the world and more than the world they deserve the universe. The very least we could do is something special, unique, and fun that suits her personality. Every mother is different in her own way so when you are making plans for this year’s mothers day keep her preferences and personality in mind. Try to skip down the completely indoor Mother’s Day activities. Here are some ways to spend Mothers Day that she will love.

8 Unique Things To Do On Mothers Day

1. Take her to the Spa

Research and schedule a spa session at a salon where she can have well deserved me time. You can even make it a girl’s day – that can work too. This is one of the most simple activities that require basic planning but can be one of the most thoughtful gestures.

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2. Take her out for a meal/brunch

You can make it a mother-daughter/son activity or have your whole family included. You can make it a brunch/lunch/dinner whatever suits your mom and you. Make a reservation at your mom’s favorite restaurant or spot. If your mother is adventurous then you can find some new spots where she would enjoy.

3. Go Camping

If your mom likes to spend time outdoors there’s no better way to spend quality time with family than going camping. It lets your mom get away from the house so she doesn’t have to cook and clean and is also a perfect way to bond with family. Make sure that your mom sits and relaxes while the rest of the family does the preparation for all the camping goodies like food and other tools.

4. Book a private yoga session

Is your mom a fitness freak? If yes going to a yoga class is wonderful maybe that’s the thing your mother would like to do on this Mothers Day. Let’s consider something a bit more special like hiring a private yoga instructor to come to the house to give her one-on-one on the morning of Mothers Day.

Ways to Spend Mothers Day, women doing yoga
Women doing yoga

5. Help mom out in the garden

If your mother loves gardening and getting her hands dirty with planting and give her a helping hand. Help her with whatever task that needs to be done and enjoy the time together. She will appreciate the help and the quality time you spent together.

6. Dinner and a movie

Sometimes the old faithful date ideas are always the winners. When was the last time you went to see a movie with your mother? Let her choose the movie and don’t forget the popcorn.

7. Create something together

If your mom loves trying new things or is crafty then brainstorm some ideas with her before on what she would enjoy making. Bring and prepare all the tools beforehand like paper/canvas/paint/coloring pencils etc. Also, layout all the goodies in advance so that your mom doesn’t need to participate in the prep.

8. Go to the beach

Summers have graced her with their presence soo it is quite a great idea to have a beach day this Mother’s Day. Why not enjoy the beauty that the beach has to offer with this blistering heat? A beach is a perfect location to get some quality time which is what moms really want.

eighth Ways to Spend Mothers Day, chilling women in swimming
Woman Chilling in a Swimming Pool 


To sum up, these were the 8 unique things you can do on this Mother’s Day and make her feel special. Don’t forget that every day is a Mother’s day and do tiny things which could help her in her daily chores.

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