Vocal For Local: Shop From Local Businesses In 2022

vocal for local

“Vocal for local should become a Mantra for every Indian.”

So far, we have been hit with 2 worldwide shutdowns, & 4 different variants – Covid-19, Delta, Omicron, and Flurona.
In the past year and a half, we have been digital and have gone through e-commerce sites. Additionally, we have been shopping online for whatever we needed. On the contrary, how many of us have actually thought and cared about how the local business owners and street vendors are surviving?

In India, the concept of Vocal For Local is not recent. It began as a renaissance during the Gandhi period when British products were exploited and indigenous products were prioritized in order to preserve India’s economy. It is essential for us to support local products in order to raise our flag high. 

From daily essentials to luxury services, Byloapp provides it all.
Byloapp, a new social media and networking app providing brilliant local shops and places across pan-India, with its operations in more than 50 cities, pivots on capacitating an Indian parochial marketplace to create a well-connected and structured community comprising both, vendors and customers.

Most of us today cannot take out time from our fast-paced lives to go and shop in the traditional way. But, as we all know, nothing can beat the products and different varieties local business owners and brands have.
Byloapp helps you connect with them. We need to raise knowledge regarding the importance and benefits of using local products. By doing this we will all be doing our part to help our country grow.

You are making a significant contribution to your surrounding community by shopping locally. Your purchases will directly benefit your village, suburb, or city, allowing it to flourish. Or else, you’ll most likely be supporting a large chain or consortium, which will hurt local businesses.


Nevertheless, not everybody has the privilege of shopping in their own neighborhood. Because stores are located further away and necessitate travel. Fortunately, on Byloapp, you can search for anything related to beauty and wellness shops, clothing stores, electronics shops, etc. easily. It also has a blogs tab that keeps you updated with the latest fashion trends, travel ideas, celebration ideas, etc.

Moreover, Byloapp offers many of the advantages of shopping locally to you whilst you are sitting in your home watching TV or are present for a meeting at the office.

Download now:

Byloapp – Indian Social Media App. Here are the links for Byloapp on Play Store & Byloapp on App Store.

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